Moving Forward

Since it’s founding in 1986, Country Glen Homes and it’s Principals have consistently endeavoured to excel in providing true value and steadfast commitment to our clients, while staying true to our roots. ¬†Our belief is that homebuilding excellence rests not only on bricks and mortar, but also on the committed efforts of a dedicated team of skilled craftspeople, and is manifested in our decades-long relationships with both our contractors and our homebuyers. Our hands-on approach to each project, unwavering dedication to exceeding purchaser’s needs and unshakeable desire to design and build exceptional homes is the driving force behind our winning philosophy.
Today, more than ever, Country Glen Homes continues to seek out unique projects and relationships in order to fulfill our core aspirations and values. We are constantly searching for opportunities where we can create outstanding homes and communities for homebuyers, built with skill and genuine pride.
Whether you are looking for a joint-venture partner, have lots to sell, or are looking to build a custom home yourself, feel free to contact us at 905 851 9367 or email us.