To Paul,

This definitely, was not the first home we have purchased, we have had previous experiences.  However, it was the most pleasant and enjoyable one.  With your knowledge and helpful sales staff, through to the caring owners.  We are very pleased with the final results, and the level of personal attention.


I have an Interior Design background, and saw right away that the layout of our bungalow would very much accommodate our lives.  Between my husband who also has a construction background and myself we were ecstatic to hear that we were able to make several changes that would accommodate my husband’s handicap.


These changes were scheduled during the Construction process with very little time loss to your contractors.  We were also very fortunate, that a lot of our changes were both very reasonable in cost to no cost which is rare these days.  We are aware that 99% of Builders don’t usually allow anyone to do any work during the construction phase.


We do appreciate that you care,… and you have pride in what you build, and would highly recommend Country Glen Homes.


Sincerely yours,


Joanne and Tony